Nikkei: KDDI plans 220 Mbps cellular network upgrade for summer 2014

Nikkei KDDI prepping smartphone with 220Mbps LTEAdvanced data

Think 150Mbps LTE-Advanced data is quick? KDDI could offer far more bandwidth next year. Nikkei claims that the Japanese carrier plans to upgrade its cellular network to 220 Mbps data as soon as summer 2014. Service would reportedly launch with an Android smartphone, and rely on new wireless technology; it’s not clear whether this entails a faster LTE-A variant or something new. KDDI hasn’t confirmed the rumor, so we wouldn’t consider moving to Japan just yet. If there’s any truth to the claims, however, even NTT DoCoMo’s upgraded LTE could soon feel downright pokey.

[Image credit: TAKA@P.P.R.S, Flickr]

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Source: Nikkei (subscription required)

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