Twitter website adds language translation, promptly proves its worth

Twitter website adds Bing language translation, promptly reveals something interesting

The threads of the universe are known to intertwine in mysterious ways, and recently they’ve been tangling themselves around two largely unrelated things: Twitter and Windows Phone. It’s hard for us mere mortals to make sense of it, but here’s what we know:

1) now supports language translation, courtesy of Microsoft’s Bing. You just have to look for the “View Translation” link directly under eligible tweets. Good news for mono-linguists, but it would have been a bigger surprise had we not already spotted the Bing Translator making an early debut in the official Twitter app for Windows Phone. (That’s the first tangle, right there.)

2) We stumbled upon this translation feature while trying decipher the specific tweet shown above, which subsequently yielded an interesting tidbit for Nokia Lumia WP8 owners.

Honestly, the mind boggles.

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Source: Nokia Spain (Twitter)

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